Monday, December 28, 2009

Sweet Sale!

I would like to end the 2009 by offering a sweet deal!

For any necklace you purchase you will receive one FREE!!!! Make your purchase through Etsy and I will send you a FREE necklace with your purchase! Buy 2? Get 2 FREE...Etc...Whoo Hoo!

BOGO sale starting...NOW until 12.31.09.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kawaii Kick

So I decided to start a blog...Just one more way to network with all the great people, artists, crafters out there! I hope you follow because I have some BIG plans! Contests, giveaways, drawings...Oh My! So here is just a taste of my latest obsession!

...everything Kawaii! The images are just so fun and funky...and of course that is what I am all about! Check out my latest...and so much more to come!
Pink Skully Necklace and matching ring...oh so punk!