Monday, July 5, 2010

Job Posting in Madison, WI

Production Manager and Lead Designer

Compensation: $13/ hour with reviews every 3 months

Work Hours: Monday—Friday 9-5:30 PM

General Description: Gift Closet’s Production Manager (PM) is responsible for the smooth operation of the office and the production and supply of all products. This involves keeping sufficient supply of products and raw materials necessary to fill orders, creating product, and supplying show and rep kits. The PM is also responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of our product to our customers. The Production Manager is in charge of the design and conceptualization of new product and ventures, as well as streamlining the assembly process. This involves the design, pricing, and sourcing of all necessary items for its creation. The PM also serves as a receptionist to Gift Closet and is the first contact with our vendors, customers, and contractors who call or stop by. The PM is in charge of the office and is responsible for maintaining an excellent level of organization and cleanliness of the studio and managing production studio staff.

Contact Info:

Kristin Yates, Owner

Gift Closet, LLC d.b.a. Blue Hill By Hand

Phone: 608-255-9080

Fax: 908-255-9044


Danielle said...

If you find any jobs near the Waco, TX area that would be amazing!

Storyline Design said...

I will keep a look out Danielle. I am also a Resume Writer and HR Professional. If you would like me to take a look at your resume, let me know!

Thanks for following!

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